Monday, December 20, 2010

Men of a Persian Persuasion! Middle East meets Middle America.....

Here's the thing, most people are quite misinformed and uneducated about the origins and beliefs of men and women from certain parts of the world. After a long weekend with a friend who happens to be the son of natives from Iran, Tehran. My eyes and heart have been opened to the fact that I too, have been unfairly opinionated and ignorant to other cultures as a whole. A person is born into the world we share and has no say in who his parents are or what culture, religion or political beliefs they are introduced to. All of these things are taught and instilled in us all as deemed by our care-givers and parents. So in short, ignorance is not always bliss. I am thankful for the lessons learned and all of the knowledge that was presented to me by my new Persian Friend, Cyrus. He opened my eyes and heart and did so in a way that has me thirsty to learn more about his and other cultures. With that being said, I would encourage anyone who as no idea about the country Iran to research it. The most exotic men and women in the world reside there and the city of Tehran is an enchanting city. I don't thin that I would ever gain enough courage to drive there but it is now on my Bucket List as a must!  So, here are three images of a man that is a Male Super Model from Iran and if you google others, he is probably one in a million in his native country.  Judging from all of the other people that I have met in Charlotte, N.C. that are from Iran,  in  the Persian Gulf, this country has alot more to offer than oil! Oh and by the way, the owner of MEZ @ the Epicentre in Uptown Charlotte, NC is also a friend of a friend from Iran.

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  1. I completly agree! I too think the majority of the people in this world are uneducated and pass judgement on most cultures that are uncommon to them.. We are born into the families we have ... We can pick our friends but not our families and you and i both know the feeling with our chaotic ass family... But im glad i was an army brat and have seen so many places and have had the oppertunity to interact with people of all different cultures and backgrounds The persian people are gorgeous i have got to say some of the most stunning women i have ever seen were from the middle east .